What we learned from showing Kick Bot at Bit Bash Chicago - offline game analytics

Kick Bot is a game coming soon to Console and PC where you Wall jump, slide, and dash past dozens of devious robot-crushing obstacles with only two buttons!

Recently our game Kick Bot was selected to be one of 80 games from around the world as part of a gallery event called Bit Bash in Chicago, Illinois.

Bit Bash is basically a big party with crazy experimental indie games including ones where you karate chop rubber fish, turn knobs to spin LEDs, play Nintendo with your friends with a tangled mess of 8 controllers each one only having one button, or play a rhythm game where you smash real guitars on a stage.

Over 1500 people were in attendance over the weekend at Bit Bash and we had a ton of people try out the new Kick Bot demo! Our game was recording events when people played - meaning statistics on how they played and how long they played.

We are using Unity game engine which has a built-in analytics solution. Normally this would work well but for shows where we don't have a guaranteed internet connected we needed an offline analytics solution.

We wanted a solution that would record statistics on each player’s session including time started, time to complete each level, number of deaths, what room (portion of level) the player died in, and whether the player completed the demo or not, and if they didn’t complete the demo what level they left.

This session data is stored as individual JSON files, which we combine later using a script and dump into a spreadsheet for some nice charts and graphs.

The reason for individual files is for interruption safety, for example if the game were to crash(which luckily it hasn’t yet), or even power failure with the computer the game would not be writing to one large file which could corrupt.

So here is some of the interesting data we collected:

  • Over 26% of players completed our demo

  • Over the weekend 8239 Kick Bots were destroyed

  • The hardest area in the game was a room called Falling Saws Everywhere with 1427 deaths in that room alone

  • People played the game for over 17 hours of total playtime

  • We recorded over 24 hours of reaction-cam footage

One of the big things we were promoting at Bit Bash is that Kick Bot is coming to Steam, so if you could do us a huge favor and go over to Steam Wishlist Kick Bot The more wishlists that Kick Bot gets, the better our chances are of being seen when the game launches. This is super important to us so if you care about the game at all - if you want to help us out go to http://wishlist.kickbotgame.com

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