Kick Bot Devlog - July 16th 2018

Warning: the game described on this post is a prototype - features and visuals have changed so drastically that we would appreciate if you don't use them if writing about the game. This post is only for historical purposes. Please look at the official Kick Bot Presskit for videos, gifs, and screenshots of the current game

Kick Bot DX part store is now powered by our new shop service

Every time a player accesses the shop screen in the game it makes a call to our new shop service.

The shop service is powered by AWS lambda and it seeds a random number generator with the current date and then picks a random part from each category (heads, arms, legs, etc.). As long as the date is the same, it returns the same parts, creating a dynamic shop with different parts available each day.

Same daily parts for all players

The shop inventory for each day is generated by the shop service, so it’s the same result for everyone no matter what time zone they are using the app in, or what they have their device time set to - resulting in the whole world seeing the same parts available at any given time.

Eventually, we’ll want to change it to use a shuffling algorithm so it’s guaranteed to pick every part at least once.