Cluster Junk progress - Sept 6th, 2016

Maker Faire Update:
Since finishing up our submission to the #KentuckyFriedPixels bundle we have diverted all of our attention to the next big event for us, the Louisville Mini Maker Faire 2016. This will be the 3rd year we have shown a game at the event and it’s a great opportunity to get play testers and feedback on our creations!

If you are in the Louisville Kentucky area please come out and show your support!
Saturday, September 10, 2016 - Museum Row, 7th & 8th Blocks of West Main St. @makerfairelou on twitter

Here is a rundown of what we worked on Sunday night:


Perfecting Controller support

The kiosk setup we are using for the Mini Maker Faire is a Laptop, TV and controller, so Eric was hard at work on making all of the game’s menus and features controller-accessible. As game developers, our creations always feel a lot more legitimate when we can play them on a real controller.

Alex & Cara

Selfie Station

The first part of our maker faire setup is a selfie station which will consist of a hanging frame and a set of eyes like the beautiful set the character in Cluster Junk is endowed with!

Game Kiosk
The game kiosk itself is our Trusty TV tripod (this thing is fantastic) , TV, laptop and controller. We created artwork and mounted it on foam board with spray adhesive, then carefully cut out all the details to make a top and bottom marquee for the tv. Cara also found an awesome fishing net at the craft store that we plan to hang from the bottom of the TV with various in-game details stuck in it.

Stay tuned for more updates soon!

Thanks for checking out our progress!

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