Awesome Youtubers

There is nothing more gratifying as a new indie developer than watching people play the games you make. Most of the time this is family, friends, or anyone you harass in the coffee shop, or on the street corner to play your new alpha build. Feedback from users is always a huge help in the game development process, and play testing is the only way to know how a player will react to a theme element or mechanic you have been slaving over.

The only thing that tops handing your game to someone and looking over their shoulder as they figure it out is stumbling upon a youtube, Vimeo or Twitch video where someone is playing your game. Seeing a Youtuber love your art style, or have fun with the game you made feels pure. They owe you nothing – and they are brutally honest. They will love it, hate it, or find any bugs in your game in the first seconds of playing.

Despite the perceived risk, putting your alpha versions out there can have it’s rewards, it lets the world know you exist and that you are building games!

Here are a list of great Youtubers we have come to know in the time we have been building games, they represent a broad spectrum of popularity, style, and content, but each of them was kind enough to play one of our games, take the time to record a video, and post it for the world to see.


Larry Chupacabra

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Jupiter Hadley

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Cinnamon Toast Ken

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Room With Hands Up

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Youtube, and twitch are becoming a huge asset to indie game promotion, so be sure to treat your Youtubers well, and get to know them and suggest your games for future review whenever you have time!

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